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वार्षिक स्थानान्तरण- 2018 हेतु पात्र कार्मिकों की सूची (New)
 वार्षिक स्थानांतरण अधिनियम 2017 के अनुसार सुगम एवं दुर्गम कार्यालयों एवं चेकपोस्टों का चिन्हांकन(New)
Creation of New Sub Regional Transport Offices and Enforcement Offices under Transport Department(574.1 KB)
G.O. regarding Revision of Departmental Infrastructure(2001-2012)(2.3 MB)
List of Officers/Employees deployed in Transport Department(142.4 KB)(as on 31-May-2013)
Details of Sanctioned and Working Posts205.2 KB (as on 31-July-2012)
Note For DPC regarding post of Admin Officer1.3 MB
Recommendation of DPC regarding post of Admin Officer927.7 KB

Transfer Orders
Transfer List 2012-13 927.2 KB (as on 31-July-2012)
Transfer Order of RTO72.7 KB
Transfer Order of ARTOs139.6 KB
Transfer Order of Shri P.C.Joshi(188.1 KB)(dated 18-Apr-2013)


Seniority Lists
Seniority List of RTOs / ARTOs (514.8 KB)(as on 17-Oct-2008)
Seniority List of T.T.O.-1 (Transport Tax Officer -1 )(1.4 MB)(as on 26-Jul-2011)
Seniority List of T.T.O.-2 (Transport Tax Officer -2)(2.4 MB)(as on 03-May-2013)
Seniority List of T.T.O.-2 (Transport Tax Officer -2)(Amendment)(327.4 KB) (as on 12-Nov-2013)
Office Order Regarding Cancellation of Seniority List of T.T.O.-2(Transport Tax Officer -2 )(249.2 KB)
Seniority List of Ministerial Cader (Region)(1.5 MB)(as on 09-Oct-2009)
Seniority List of Junior Assistants(4.6 MB)(as on 21-Oct-2013)
Seniority List of Junior Assistants(Amendment)(377.1 KB)(as on 26-Nov-2013)

Promotion List
Promotion List of Jr.Assistants to Senior Assistants (1.5 MB) (as on 30-Nov-2013)
Promotion List of TTO-2 to TTO-1(421.8 KB)(as on 22-04-2015)
Promotion List of Group 'D' to Group 'C'(377.7 KB)(as on 30-04-2015)

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