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mandatorysigns MANDATORY SIGNS
compulsory turn left Compulsory ahead only Compulsory turn right Compulsory keep left  compulsory sound horn
Compulsory Turn Left (Right if symbol is Reversed) Compulsory Ahead only Compulsory Turn Right Ahead (Left if symbol is Reversed)
Compulsory Keep Left (Right if symbol is Reversed) Compulsory Sound Horn
compulsory ahead or turn left only compulsory ahead or turn right only cumposory cycle track give way speed limit
Compulsory Ahead or Turn Left only Compulsory Ahead or Turn Right only Compulsory Cycle Track Give Way Speed Limit
Axle load limit Load Limit height limit length limit Width Limit
Axle Load Limit Load Limit Height Limit Length Limit Width Limit
Stop no entry vehicles prohibited in both directions Left Turn Prohibted Right Turn Prohibted
Stop No Entry Vehicle Prohibited in Both Directions Left Turn Prohibited Right Turn Prohibited
U Turn Prohibited Overtaking prohibted All motor vehicles prohibited Bullock cart and hand cart prohibted Truck prohibted
U Turn Prohibited Over Taking Prohibited All Motor Vehicles Prohibited Bullock / Hand Cart Prohibited Truck Prohibited
cycle prohibited pedestrain prohibited horn prohibited no parking No stopping
Cycle Prohibited Pedestrians Prohibited Horn Prohibited No Parking No Stopping
One Way
One Way Only
warning signs WARNING SIGNS
barrier ahead cattle cross road cycle crossing dangerous dip
Barrier Ahead Cattle Cross Road Cycle crossing Dangerous Dip
dual carriage way ends fallling rocks ferry gap in median hump or rough road
Dual Carriage Way Falling Rocks Ferry Gap in Median Hump or Rough Road
left hair pin bend left hand curve loose gravel major road ahead major road ahead
Left Hair Pin Bend Left Hand Curve Loose Gravel Major Road Ahead Major Road Ahead
men at work narrow bridge narrow road ahead pedestrian crossing right hair pin bend
Men At Work Narrow Bridge Narrow Road Ahead Pedestrian Crossing Right Hair Pin Band
right hand curve right reverse bend road widens ahead round about school ahead
Right Hand Curve Right Reverse Bend Road Widens Ahead Round About School Ahead
side road(left) side road(right) slippery road speed breaker staggered intersections
Side Road (Left) Side Road (Right) Slippery Road Speed Breaker Staggered Intersections
steep ascent T intersection steep descent Y intersections  
Steep Ascent
T Intersection
Steep Descent
Y intersections
informatory signs INFORMATORY SIGNS
auto rickshaw stand cycle ricksghaw stand cycle stand parking both sides parking this side
Auto Rickshaw Stand Cycle-Rickshaw Stand Cycle Stand Parking Both Sides Parking This Side
taxi stand scooter and motorcycle stand resting place public telephone petrol pump
Taxi Stand Scooter and Motorcycle Stand Resting Place Public Telephone Petrol Pump
no through side road light refreshment hospital first aid post eating place
No Through Side Road Light Refreshment Hospital First Aid Post Eating Place
No Through Road