Approved Manufacturers of Vehicle Location Tracking Devices



S.O.P. regarding V.L.T. Devices fitted in Public Service Vehicles

S.O.P. regarding Empanelment of V.L.T. Device Maker/Model

Approved Manufacturers of Vehicle Location Tracking Devices as on date -


(1) M/s Black Box GPT Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

(1.1) VLTD Model- TM77

(1.2) VLTD Model - TM-100 

(2) M/s Nippon Audiotronix Pvt. Ltd.

(2.1) VLTD Model - NVT-1920-T.

(2.2) VLTD Model - NVT - 1920

(3)  M/s Volty IOT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

(4)  M/s Rosemerta Autotech Pvt. Ltd.

(5)  M/s Atlanta Systems Pvt. Ltd.

(5.1) VLTD Model - WP30L

(5.2) VLTD Model - ATL-140

(6)  M/s Roadpoint Ltd.

(7)  M/s iTriangle Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

 (7.1)  VLTD Model - aQuila Bharat 101

(7.2)  VLTD Model - aQuila Bhara 101 with IRNSS

(8)  M/s Minda iConnect Pvt. Ltd.

(9) M/s Trimble Mobility Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

(10) M/s PNV Electronics and IT Services Pvt. Ltd.

(11) M/s Accolade Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

(11.1) VLTD Model - ACONITS140I

(11.2) VLTD Model - AEPL051400 && AEPL051401

(12) M/s Danlaw Technologies India Ltd.

(12.1) VLTD Model- DL545

(12.2) VLTD Model- DL548

(13) M/s Acute Communication Services Pvt. Ltd.

(14) M/s Ecogas Impex Pvt. Ltd.

(15) M/s Watsoo Express Pvt. Ltd.

(16) M/s  Gtropy Systems Pvt. Ltd.

(17) M/s  RDM Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.

(18) M/s  Markon Electronics Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

(19) M/s Ingen Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

(20) M/s APM Kingstrack Technologies

(21) M/s Lumax Ituran Telematics Pvt. Ltd.

(22) M/s VDK Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

(23) M/s ZF Commercial vehicles Control Systems India Ltd.

(24) M/s Mijo Auto Gas Pvt. Ltd.

(25) M/s Containe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.